I have been a busy little bee these days…

This is my framed prints corner showing my small, medium and large printed framed portraits. Quality is extremely important to me, my suppliers guarantee their work, and service is outstanding!! Only the best for my clients here, from my makeup artists through to final product. The average turn around time from shoot through to editing, viewing, through to ordering of portraits and delivery time is three weeks maximum. I take pride in my product and service, and I cannot express enough how amazing it is to see your portrait printed and framed and ready to hang.

To me a portrait is a lifetime memory, a family treasure, a heirloom to leave behind for generations. It is a celebration of you, your life, your journey. A portrait can be individual, a couple, or groups, and anything goes really. I have recently done a couple of fitness and physique portraits too – the amount of dedication these clients have to their bodies, should be captured and appreciated.

I mainly love photographing women, we are such amazing creatures,  I believe that every woman should have a beautiful portrait of herself to treasure. We will never be this age, or look like this again, there is an incredible amount of confidence that comes with this empowering experience, it is so beautiful for me to see. Each woman, their own beauty, their own look, their own pose that works for their body type. I encourage you to book a session with me, it will change the way you see yourself!

Framed portrai