before I show Angela’s portrait selection below, take a read on how she saw the experience:

A note from me: thank you Angela for sharing your beauty with me, and for your kind words always. You are a phenomenal woman, and I hope to capture your beauty again in the future:

Dearest Ursula,

It is not often that one has an opportunity to work with an amazing photographer, I was granted such privilege with you.  There are so many different stages in a womans life, each one not easy, but each one perfectly intended for that woman.  Photographs are a moment in time of this journey of experience of her joys, her loves and her trials.  It captures the beauty of each woman uniquely, that stage in her life – so much behind her and so much to look forward to ahead of her.  Photographs are indeed an incredibly special memoir to have.  Thank you for these stages captured in special moments, each beautiful image depicting the woman that I have become.  Sincerely appreciated.

Much love.


these two prints chosen are 10 X 15″ and I am an old fan of black and white, timeless portraits:

presenting beautiful Angela’s Portraits