Tabeth, aka Tabby had never done a photo-shoot before in her life, in fact she didn’t have any photo’s of herself at all, neither did her family or friends. Needless to say her glamour portrait photo shoot was a really special experience for both her and I.

There was extra time and care spent in directing Tabby’s poses, because this was her first portrait photo shoot. But it turned out to be so much fun, and needless to say she felt and looked like a glamour supermodel . Tabby even went out that evening to paint the town red.

What an amazing experience for both of us, for me, the moment of truth was in the viewing of her very first portrait photography portfolio:

With tears in her eyes she gasped and said to me “OMG, I never knew I was so beautiful.

You always are” was my response. A Very emotional, heartfelt moment shared indeed.

This is what it’s all about for me. I want YOU to see how beautiful you actually are.

I want to bring out the beautiful in all woman, as I see beauty through new eyes.

I say the above earnestly, because with my socially defined disability, following my stroke two years ago, I really do see things differently. Being able to photograph this is a privilege that I am most grateful for.


Next glamour photo shoot following on my blog soon, for more info you can contact me at, glamour photo shoots are for YOU, for couples, for mum’s and daughters, for YOU and siblings, for YOU and friends too.


make up done by Bianca Anderson, hair styled by Jessica Wiggel and of course the photographer, me Ursula Tocik.


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